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Free Digital Marketing Courses

There is high demand for employees who understand how to work with Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools.  Starting annual salary can be $40,000.



This is recommended to increase your comfort in dealing with people in conversation.

Dallas Comedy House (Deep Elm), Stomping Ground (Design District), 4 Day Weekend (Lower Greenville), The Comedy Arena (McKinney, TX)



This provides access to online courses from top universities from across the world. I have taken a class that was free, though, they show that the classes are from $29 to $99 each.


Employee’s Goal

Every employee in the world has the same goal: solve problems for the boss. Never go to the boss with a problem unless you have at least thought of a potential solution.



Always lead with what you want. Then explain why you need it – that is, explain what problem this will solve.

This site has reviews of all colleges/universities in the country.


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