Premise Sign

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For most businesses, their premise sign at their physical location is their most important advertising expenditure. In one study 45% of all new customers found the business due to the primary business signage.

Quality Sign = Quality Brand

Not only does the sign tell the most basic information of the business (which can include the name, tagline, URL, phone number, etc.) but the quality of the sign provides a strong indication of the quality of the business.

Supplemental Signs Improve Brand Awareness

Besides the primary premise sign (the pole sign or sign on the building) a company can supplement their premise signage with promotional signs that will help bring in new as well as existing customers. This can include special offers, promotions on new services, discounts, etc. Banners, flags, window signs, pop-ups, floor signs, and many other examples are seen of these types of signs and are really just left to the imagination of the business owner and sign maker.



Accurate signs can build and install a wide variety of signs based on your needs including:Dallas Bike Works is Dallas Texas.

  • Channel letters
  • Cast metal lettering
  • Plastic
  • Printed

Also, review our Promotional Signs pages for ideas on how you can use these signs to supplement your business premise signage.

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