Banners are a great way to promote your organization and they can be some of the least expensive sign options available. (Go to our pricing guidelines page for more information about pricing.) They allow you to promote that your business is “coming soon” or “now open” at your business location, advertise at an outdoor event using feather banners, or get pop-up banners that you can use over and over for trade shows or other events. At Accurate Signs we are experts at helping you find the right size of banner, the design that will be most effective, and the style of banner that will help your organization succeed.


Banners have always been a focus of our business here at Accurate Signs. Below are examples of banners we have done over the last year.

Membership Banner on Casters

Membership Banner on Casters

Entry banners for Dallas Arboretum

Arboretum Entry Banners

We have worked with the Dallas Arboretum over the last 30 years and have made numerous banners for them. There are several banners that are hanging over the main entrance of the park that required some special considerations to insure that they hung properly. (See example to the right.) We tried a couple of options and decided the best option was to sew a rigid piece of material inside the banner to prevent it from blowing up into metal superstructure of the entrance. We also created a heavy duty upright banner stand that the volunteers use when they are promoting Arboretum memberships. We added heavy casters to the bottom of the stand that allows the volunteers to easily wheel the item out when needed.

New Location Banner, banners, promotional

New Location Banner

A new McDonald’s was built in Terrell, Texas so a banner was used at the old location to direct customers to the new restaurant during the transitional period. We have also done small (2 ft. x 3 ft. banners) for McDonald’s that simply show the Golden Arches and the words Now Hiring. They hang these in their windows when they need additional staff.

Horn Ladies High School Basketball Team Banner, banners

Horn Ladies High School Basketball Team Banner 17’x5′

Horn High School in Mesquite honored their student athletes with a banner that showed the current ladies basketball team in near full size. We have done numerous banners for schools and other organizations like these. One DISD school put up a banner for each year that they at least won their district in baseball. We used perforated banner material that allowed the wind to go through since the banners were tied to the outfield fence at their baseball field.

Playtri used us for the start/finish line of their International Triathlon in Irving. They were tied to the metal scaffolding and showed the sponsors for their event.

Playtri Triathlone Run Start cropped, banners

Start/Finish for Playtri’s Triathlon

Family Week Banner

Family Week Banner

Dillon Feather Banner

Dillon Feather Banner


New Life Church likes to use graphics for their special events at the church to help promote a festive atmosphere. Jeff Dillon used the feather banner shown below to promote his bid for the Presidency of the Texas State Association of  Fire Fighters.

Banners can be a great option for a sturdy, weather-resistant, and good looking sign for almost any application. Even something as simple as the quilting one below can be a great option. It is only 48″ wide by 20″ tall and was printed on both sides. This was under $60 and would be under $35 if printed just on one side.

Quilting Banner 4'x2'

Quilting Banner 48″ x 20″




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