If you need name plates, name badges, directional signs, or other types of engraved signs then contact us. We provide name plates for several local companies and generally have them delivered within two days of the initial call. If there is a problem with the initial plate we will replace at no charge.

Name Plates

The plates can be made using one of several backgrounds, font color, and font style. Most of the materials that we use are made for indoor use, however, we have some materials that are designed for outdoor and can have signs made in bronze if you need something for a permanent, exterior location.

Name plates can come with or without a bracket that is permanently attached to the wall allowing for the name plate to be displayed and then switched out if need in the future. Here are some examples of color combinations that we can do.


Specialty Engraved Signs

We can also make custom signs of any size for specific needs. This includes wayfinding signage in buildings, signs honoring donors or other honorees of your organization, warnings or instructional signs, etc. Any sign can be affixed with double sided tape to make installation easy. Or Accurate Signs employees can be hired to do the installation for you.