What are Gemini or Dimensional Letters?

One of the most effective and economical sign options for businesses is dimensional lettering also known as plastic letters. These letters can custom formed into any font, or shape so any company logo or lettering style can be recreated. Plus they can be made from plastic or a variety of metals.

Where can I get Gemini Letters?

Accurate Signs is an authorized distributor of Gemini Sign Products, which is the most respected dimensional sign company in the U.S. They are a company built on more than 50 years of producing exceptional products while staying true to their small town values and principles.

What is the lifetime warranty of Gemini Letters?

They are so confident in their work that they guarantee their products for life. This means that if any exterior rated product: letter, logo or plaque ever fades or breaks, Gemini will refinish or replace it at no cost to the customer. In their own words, “We’re confident in offering this Lifetime Guarantee because we’ve tested our materials and coatings for prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, heat, and UV.”
In several cases, Gemini replaced plastic letters for Accurate Signs customers that had faded after being in the Texas sun for over 30 years. I sent in photos of the letters showing the discoloration and within a few weeks, Gemini sent the replacement letters to my shop.

How do I Install Gemini Letters?

Professionally made and installed dimensional letters give a quality look to any business. Below is a photo of the latest job we did with dimensional letters. The logo is 15’ wide and the customer wanted to make sure that the squares the run across the bottom matched their logo. We provided the Pantone color code for each and Gemini custom painted each square.

gemini letters | accurate signs

As our customer, Elements, shows, Gemini can custom make any shape that can be rendered via vector artwork. This includes files made from Illustrator or Composer. If you don’t have that type our graphic designer can create it for you for a low fee.

What Styles and Colors do Gemini Letters Come In?

You can choose from 128 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo art design. There are 29 standard pigmented plastic colors, or, as with Elements, we can have the letters painted to match your custom color.

What finishes do Gemini Letters have?

For the customer who wants to make a truly distinctive statement, consider bronze or aluminum cast letters and logos. Banks, government buildings and universities have long favored the look of metal letters and logos. Gemini hand-finishes their cast aluminum and bronze letters for a classic look, deep dimension, and durability.

Selected by industry giants such as Exxon, J.P. Morgan Chase, IBM and Caterpillar, our fabricated metal letters project strength and stability. Choose from a wide variety of finish options in stainless steel – brushed, polished, titanium coated, or painted. Fabricated aluminum painted, brushed or anodized.

What is the recommended use for Gemini or Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters should be used by a business that does not need or want illuminated letters. And at half to a third the cost of a lighted sign they will provide the best return on your sign investment. If your business has good lighting either from parking lot lights, street lights, or some other source at night buying an illuminated sign may be overkill. That being said, many shopping centers require lighted channel letter signs. If you want dimensional letters but need to have them lit then you can opt for up lights that will shine upon the letters.

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Send us your sign requirements now and we will provide a quote. All we need is a mockup of what you want and the overall size that you need OR the overall width of the front of your business. Most cities base the overall square footage limit of your sign as a function of the width of the space you are leasing or own. Get a quote today!