Illuminate Your Storefront with a Lighted Sign

The number one job of a sign is to be visible and legible. A sign can have the biggest letters and the boldest colors and still not be seen under some circumstances.

A sign needs to pass the glance test, meaning if someone looks at it for a few seconds, what do they now know about the business (name, brand identity, product, currently open, etc.)? 

So what factors would make an unlit sign fail the glance test?

  • Distance: If the traffic areas are not close to the storefront, an unlit sign won’t be read by the public. For example, if you walk down a sidewalk close to a storefront, you can read any signs out front or in the window. Cars passing by aren’t likely to see these signs.
  • Nature: Season changes can mean that the sun goes down before the business closes. An unlit sign can’t be seen in the dark. Overcast days also bring darkness that makes it harder to see signs.
  • Other signs: You may have noticed that in commercial zones, most businesses have some kind of lit sign. A business surrounded by the lit signs of other businesses should be like the rest and have it’s own lit sign to be visible amongst them all.

For brick and mortar businesses, a lit sign is one of the most important marketing tools there is. A custom lighted sign does two necessary things: builds brand awareness and serves as a location aid.

Even a business closed on evenings and weekends benefits from signage that stays lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Traffic doesn’t stop.  Around the clock, a lighted sign will inform the public of your business’s existence and whereabouts. 

Think about paid advertising. You’d have to pay many times over to get an ad seen. A lighted sign is something purchased once that performs constant marketing for your brand. LED signs display messages that will announce your promotions like a print or digital advertisement would.

In order to help customers find you and to be able to compete with the surrounding businesses for attention, a lighted sign is a huge help.


Types of Lighted Signs

From the old school neon sign to the programmable LED screens, there are different lighted signs for different purposes.

Backlit Signs

Also called “lightbox signs,” with backlit signs a translucent graphic panel is illuminated with an internal light source. If you’ve been to the movies, you may have seen movie posters displayed this way. 

Monument and pole signs often have backlit business signs. This is also how some brand campaigns are shown. This is a great way to show graphics that are instrumental in your marketing plan.

Neon Signs

These lit signs have been around for ages.

We’ve all seen the classic “OPEN” sign in neon. These signs are made of glass tubes bent into the shape of letters or logos. Beer brands often use this to promote their brands inside of bars and liquor stores.

Krispy Kreme turns on their signature “HOT NOW” neon sign to let people know the donuts are at their freshest. It’s an enticing reminder of how good a fresh-from-the-oven donut tastes.

Channel Letter Signs

A very common type of sign is the channel letter. These are signs that have each individual letter of the company name or message shaped individually. These signs can be unlit but are commonly either back lit (the light shines out the back of the letter which is raised off the face of the building) or front lit (the light is projected through a translucent face).


Lighted Signs are Best For These Types of Businesses

Where have you seen lighted signs? Here are a few examples of signs you may have seen around your community.

  • Emergency medical centers: They never close and should be easily found by those in need.
  • Mall stores: For both indoor and outdoor shopping, they all have their own brand in lights affixed to the storefront. Often there are additional lighted signs inside the store that are seen through the windows.
  • Bars & restaurants: Open late for the hungry and thirsty, these businesses definitely need nighttime visibility.
  • Hotels & motels: Tom Bodett’s catchphrase for Motel 6 is, “we’ll leave the light on for you.” Travelers needing a place to rest are greeted with a lit sign when they get a room for the night.
  • Convenience stores & gas stations: These are either open late or for 24 hours and are also an interstate necessity for travelers. Lit signs help motorists find them at night.

Even businesses that are only open during “bankers hours” can still benefit from lit signs. Any business with a goal of attracting customers would benefit from a lit sign. Signs have been proven to increase visits up to 10% and a survey indicates that 67% of consumers said they visited a store because of a sign.


How Much Are Lighted Signs?

For best branding practices, a store sign should be custom made for the business it represents.

As you may have guessed, custom lighted signs are more expensive than unlit signs. They typically range between $6,000 to $10,000. Check out our pricing guideline for more information.


Call Accurate Signs to Discuss Your Options

In keeping with commerce conventions, ensuring visibility, and building brand awareness a lighted sign is a must. It’s an important investment, so we want to ensure you have the best sign for your location(s). 

We’d be glad to assist you with your sign installation. (Please note that this will not include pulling the electrical from the breaker to the wall.) 

Contact us today to get started on creating a lighted sign that works for you around the clock.