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When you own a business, every decision you make counts. The type of letters you choose for your storefront signs is no exception. A high-quality, attractive-looking sign not only draws attention to your storefront but also serves as a strong indication of the quality of your business. We’ve all seen store signs that are worn out, faded or even missing letters. You want your sign to make you stand out and make a good first impression. The type of lettering you choose for your sign makes all the difference when it comes to appearance, quality, and durability. There are a number of reasons you might choose plastic letters for your sign, as they’re highly customizable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Types of Plastic Letters

Plastic letters are made with UV-protected plastic panels, so they won’t fade outdoors. The major types of plastic letters are injection-molded, formed plastic and acrylic letters.

Injection-Molded Letters

Injection-molded letters are thick, sturdy, and are guaranteed not to fade or break over time. They’re made with all-natural material derived from cotton and wood fibers. In spite of their thickness, injection-molded letters are easy to mount with either studs or pads. Injection-molded letters are a good choice if you want the look and feel of cast metal in a plastic product and are looking for something long-lasting with minimal maintenance.

Formed Plastic Letters

Formed plastic letters aren’t as thick as injection-molded letters, but they’re highly customizable. You can choose a font, color, and size, or you can have custom formed letters created. Gold or chrome leafing can be applied to create the appearance of metal, and the faces of your letters can be prismatic, beveled or flat.

Acrylic Letters

Like formed plastic letters, acrylic letters are highly customizable. However, they’re more prone to scratches and chipping when mishandled. They can have a gold leaf finish for a metal appearance and be made with any color or font. Laser cutting is used to create precise, customized shapes for fine-detailed signs.

Benefits of Plastic Letters

Why go with plastic letters instead of metal or foam letters? Here are a few benefits you can expect:


Plastic letters are generally more economical than other types of letters and signs. Besides being affordable, they also save companies money by lasting a long time and requiring minimal maintenance.


Plastic signs are durable and long-lasting because they’re made with UV protection and can withstand just about any weather conditions. Most plastic letters are guaranteed to last a lifetime, with minimal maintenance required.


Because plastic is generally the easiest material to mold and cut with precision, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a custom letter sign or if you want your company logo included with the lettering.

Customizing Your Plastic Letters

Because your storefront sign is one of the first things a potential customer sees, you want to choose a custom look that reflects your brand, and speaks to your target customer. There are tons of ways to customize plastic letters, so you can get as creative as your heart desires. Here are the main ways you can customize your plastic letters:

Paint Type

The type of paint you choose changes the way your sign looks. High gloss paint will give it maximum shine for an almost “wet” look that makes colors brighter and bolder. Since high gloss paint is actually enamel, it’s easier to clean dirt and stains off by simply wiping over the smooth surface, and it’s more durable. Semi-gloss and satin paints cost a little less than high gloss paint but still provide a little shine. Matte paint won’t reflect light or create shine, which is great for creating a smooth, subtle, elegant look. However, matte paint is harder to clean, and scrubbing dirt off the paint can damage it.


Customizing the font of your letters is important to avoid looking generic. The more you style your letters in a way that reflects your branding, the more you appeal to your target audience and stand apart from your competitors.


You can choose from the available colors when ordering plastic letters or you can provide your own custom color. Colors should complement your brand, but they should also contrast with your building and be bold enough to stand out to passers-by.


The size of your sign is one of the most important considerations when you’re customizing your letters. Of course, larger letters cost more, but they also grab more attention and will ensure that your store gets noticed.


LED back-lighting behind your letters makes them visible at night. By mounting the letters on studs, you can install LED lights of any color and degree of brightness for a custom look that stands out.

Plastic Letters for High-Quality Storefront Signs

Plastic letters are a cost-effective way to get a custom storefront look that communicates quality with minimal maintenance. They’re simple to mount and are guaranteed to not fade or crack over time if you use Gemini letters or brand plastic letters. Whatever your brand’s look is, Accurate Signs can help you get the look and feel that you’re going for with high-quality outdoor signs at an affordable price.