Custom Restaurant Signs

Say “golden arches” and people instantly know what you’re talking about. Businesses are identified and found with signs that boldly bear their unique brand. With a distinct restaurant sign design, your business will stand out.

Custom restaurant signage is how the public gets to know your brand. A sizable and visually attractive sign seen repeatedly in high-traffic areas helps the public recognize you and remember where you are located.

But big signs are only the beginning. Other signage is needed to communicate and provide an optimal experience for your patrons. 

How your restaurant is presented can make or break your business, and Accurate Signs is here to help you assemble a complete set of restaurant signs that attract customers.


Outdoor Restaurant Signs

Everyone gets hungry at some point. If they aren’t hungry now, they will be later and you being one of their top-of-mind options means having a sign that competes with all others along the way. 

You put a lot of thought into the concept of your restaurant. It’s your time to shine, so be sure your outdoor signage stands out from your neighbors, especially your surrounding competitors.

Signs should be at eye level with motorists and curbside to let people know where to enter and park. Signs are a long term investment and should be easily read at a glance and able to stand up to the elements (wind, rain, sunlight, etc.)


Types of Outdoor Restaurant Signs

With our custom outdoor restaurant signs, there’s a store sign for every purpose.

  • Gemini lettering: 3D letters usually affixed to a building, these can be made to match the vector of your restaurant logo. This lets patrons know which building is yours.
  • Double-sided Coroplast: Smaller 24″x18″ signs, full color, double-sided, with your digital print. These signs are ideal for temporary use, such as an announcement of employment opportunities.
  • Banners: 6’x3’ full-color digital image, sewn, and includes grommets. A banner is a versatile sign that can announce a grand opening or promote your best offer. 
  • Joint tenant sign: When your restaurant is in a strip mall, we make your branded sign for the directory. 


Unsure of which types of restaurant signs you need? Give us a call! We’re here to answer any questions you have about which custom signs are best for your business. We also offer sign installation services for secure placement.


Restaurant Menu Signs

Establishments with counter service or a drive-through need restaurant menu signs. A well-planned restaurant signboard that’s easy to read helps the line move faster for efficiency. These signs can be easily replaced as you add items or change prices. 

Make your customer service stations look first-rate with quality Accurate Signs that proudly display your delicious food and beverage options!


Restaurant Window Signs

When your patrons are walking up, they sometimes look to the doors for important information like hours of operation and what methods of payment are accepted. Because so many businesses do this, it’s what we’re used to.

Window stickers are a common way to display when you’re open, what credit cards you accept, your ratings/awards, etc. Some will put their logo on the door for additional identification.

Banners are also used as restaurant window signs to tell customers about important things like a special event or to announce something new.


How Much Do Restaurant Signs Cost?

Signs are a major investment for your restaurant. We use durable, quality materials that stand up to the daily grind of running a service business.

A single sign ranges from $22.95 up to around $582.29. Bulk orders of 50 coroplast signs are about $8.69 per sign. See our pricing guideline for more information. 

Please note that these are estimates. Contact us to get an accurate figure. 


Invest in Your Brand & Stand Out From the Competition

We’ve made numerous quality signs that get businesses noticed. See our work for yourself on our portfolio page. You’ve put so much work into building your restaurant brand. At Accurate Signs, it’s important to us that your business is presented in the best possible light. Contact us today to get started on investing in restaurant signage for your one-of-a-kind brand.

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