Outdoor Business Store Signs

elements business signsFor most businesses, their store signs at their physical location are their most important advertising expenditure. In one study, 45% of all new customers found the business due to the primary business signs outside the store.

There are a few basic considerations when deciding on what kind of store signs you need. What should the message be? Should the sign be lighted? Does the landlord or city have limitations on the type of sign you can have based on your location? What material should be used for the sign? How do you need your brand presented to the public?

How to Have a Quality Business Sign For Your Brand

Not only do outdoor business signs tell the most basic information of the business which can include the name, tagline, URL, phone number, etc. but the quality of store signs provides a strong indication of the quality of the business. The sign should reflect what you want your brand to communicate. If your target clientele is looking for a cutting edge business then you will need to create a sign design that communicates this. If your business needs to promote stability and trust then a more conservative sign would probably work better.

Lit Business Signs

Some business locations are well lit at night by street and parking lot signs so may not need a lighted sign. But if your building is not well lit you should opt for a lighted sign even if you are closed in the evening. The sign will be working throughout the night promoting your business which may mean a new customer coming into your business the following day.

There are several lighting options. Here are a few of the most common.

  1. Channel letters which can be shaped to the letters and logo of your business and lit internally
  2. Reverse channel letters that shine the light out the back of the letter to create a glow around the letter
  3. A box sign that has internal lighting and a translucent face
  4. Up or down spotlights that shine on non-illuminated signs 

What Messaging Should I Use For Business Signs?

petromax operating business signA sign should be simple and direct: the name of the business and a tagline. The tagline should be just a few words: five is a good limit. Consider that most people will initially see a sign from a moving car so simple is better. Images incorporated into the sign like the one below can be a great way to quickly communicate what the business does.

Additional messaging can be placed in your shop windows or exterior walls, or by using feather banners, that can provide more detail about the goods and services you provide.

Regulations for Store Signs

cafe on the green store signEach city has unique guidelines for what types and size of signs that are permitted. In many cities, they have designated areas that have an additional layer of limitations which can be due to historical significance or economic development considerations. The property landlord will also have specific guidelines on what is expected for signage from their tenants. In many cases, a landlord will require a lighted channel letter sign which can be several thousand dollars or even $10,000 or more depending on the size.

Many cities no longer allow signs that move – for example, have a rotating piece at the top. Also, some cities in the area no longer allow construction of new pole signs and will even ask a business to remove a damaged pole sign rather than repair it. The image to the right is an example of an outdoor business sign.

What Type of Material Should I Use for My Business Sign?

Accurate signs can build and install a wide variety of business signs based on your needs including:

  • Channel letters
  • Cast metal lettering
  • Formed Plastic (guaranteed for life)
  • Printed (direct print to aluminum)
  • Cut vinyl (for windows and walls

Supplemental Store Signs

Besides the primary store sign, a company can supplement their store signage with promotional signs that will help bring in new as well as existing customers. This can include special offers, promotions on new services, discounts, etc.

Banners, flags, window signs, pop-ups, floor signs, and many other examples are seen of these types of business signs and are really just left to the imagination of the business owner and sign maker.

Also, review our Promotional Signs for ideas on how you can use these signs to supplement your business store signage.

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