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SignageWhen you are part of an organization — a small business, nonprofit, or anything else — and you have a message, you want the ability to share it in myriad ways. While many marketing efforts are shifting to the digital sphere, advertising in various mediums is still essential. Having proper, high-quality signage can help share your message and inform people of your company’s existence. In today’s blog, Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX, discusses sign making, sign repairs, and everything we can do to help you promote your business.

Signs For Businesses

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, and we can craft them for various needs. Lighted signs, for instance, can help promote your business to drivers passing near your location from the street. Even if they do not immediately come in, a well-crafted, lighted sign will make an impression and help build familiarity. If you cannot have a lit one, there are plenty of other options as well, like Gemini lettering, double-sided coroplast, large banners, joint tenant signs, and more. A major benefit of going with a custom-made sign is that you can have your branding, color schemes, and anything else you want to be included in it.

What’s more, is we can craft signage for inside your business as well. If you run a restaurant, we can make a custom menu that is easy for your customers to read. Because we are a fully custom company, we can bring almost any idea to life. We are also knowledgeable about various zoning laws, so we can collaborate with you to ensure that your signage not only gets your message across but does so in a way that is legal or adheres to any constraints your landlord enforces.

Yard Of The Month

Promotional Signs


In addition to creating large commercial signs, we can also create smaller ones to get your message across. Every year, around election time, we create yard signs for politicians trying to garner voters. Nonprofits also benefit from these because they are less expensive to create, yet they can still remind individuals about the services being offered. 

If you have driven around East Dallas, you have probably noticed a distinct-looking Yard Of The Month sign that moves around. One month, our owner Doug’s wife won, and while this is a major honor, he noticed that the lettering on the sign was wearing out. Doug took it upon himself to remove the old vinyl lettering and spruce it up. Now, the sign is refreshed and looks significantly newer. Overall, our sign-making expertise can benefit all sorts of organizations, and we truly enjoy the opportunity to help local organizations spread their message and garner more business. 

Accurate Signs Can Create A Variety Of Signs in Mesquite, TX 

We would love the opportunity to help you promote your business or organization with high-quality custom signage. Learn more about our services and how we can help your business, or ask about a quote by contacting Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX at 972-996-7223 or visiting our website.