TorchysCasa Linda Shopping Center has been a staple of East Dallas shopping since it opened in 1945. The Business Development manager of Accurate Signs, Doug Barton, grew up near to the center and currently lives within walking distance. Accurate Signs likes to support local area businesses and as part of this effort we will feature Casa Linda on our blog this month.

El Fenix at Casa LindaCasa Linda is located at the intersection of Garland Road and Buckner Boulevard and has a wide mix of businesses. The shopping center features some great restaurants including Torchy’s, Chili’sEl Fenix, Pei Wei, Alligator Cafe, and Highland Park Cafeteria. Recently Elliot’s Hardware moved into the space next to Chili’s and joins some other great businesses: Natural Grocers, AT&T, Albertson’s, Sergio’s Jewelers, and Petco. For a full list of companies in Casa Linda go to the center’s website.

Artistic Gathering recently close their doors and will be sadly missed, however, “Miss Kim” is still available for her loyal customers. She now provides art training at your location.

Natural Grocers at Casa LindaOld time residents of the area remember with the Natural Grocers was originally a movie theater. It is said to been only the second movie theater to have been built as part of a shopping center – a novelty for the time. It was built by B.R. McLendon, father of Gordon McLendon who was a famous radio personality. John Wayne and Glen Campbell came to the opening of True Grit at the Casa Linda Theater. The story was that John was friends with Gordon so did him the courtesy of showing up for the premiere.

The shopping center rarely has empty space for long and in recent years the parking lot is very full as customers frequent the stores. Over the decades Casa Linda has been an anchor for East Dallas and the stability it has provided has helped to provide a high quality of life for area residents.