Thank you for getting involved! Without everyday Americans rolling up their sleeves to do their part in the political process, important work would not get done.

Campaign signs are not unlike the business signs we produce. Instead of marketing a product or service, they promote aspirations. Perhaps the most notable political signs are for high profile races between incumbents and challengers, especially the nationwide presidential election.

As a voter, the choice is yours, and you have election signs options to consider too! Today, we’ll go over your political signs printing selections for a winning campaign!

Show Your Political Support with Custom Election Signs

Yard Sign RudolphCampaigning is marketing. In the marketing world, they say that it takes between 6-8 “touchpoints” to make a conversion. Signs placed around rack up those “touchpoints.” 

When you walk up to a polling location to vote, you might see clusters of campaign signs. That is the final attempt at a “touch” to convince voters. If you’re the candidate, it can be a bit embarrassing when your competition has signs up everywhere and you don’t. Signs keep your name and slogans top of mind and alongside your contenders.

Off to the races! Here are the types of political signs we see around Mesquite and Dallas, TX.

  • Political – This catch-all category includes signs placed around town to sway public opinion on a policy issue or agenda item put before the people for a vote. 

Or these signs promote candidates running for various positions like city council, executive-level offices, representative seats, or perhaps promoting a specific political party as a standalone brand. Signs generate buzz for any cause or candidate.

  • Judicial – While judges seeking election may not get as much attention as a mayor, governor, or president, they are still vying for a highly consequential position. Signs remind voters that judges are on the ballot too!
  • School Board – While other candidates on the ballot have a party designation, those running for school board don’t necessarily associate with any party in particular. This puts the obligation on school board candidates to inform voters what they are about. Signs help the public become familiar with those hoping to serve on the local school board.
  • Law Enforcement – How do you become the county sheriff? You get elected! Signs tell the community that a new sheriff is in town or that the incumbent is the one you should trust.

However abundant candidate signs are, custom campaign signs are for any person or group who strives to garner support for their cause. It can promote a person, a party, or a policy.

Like any sign, those that are political will usually get a quick glance. For this reason, important information should well-formatted to be readily consumed. This means that the name of the candidate, the slogan, a brief message about policy, and endorsements should be situated in a way that passes the visibility test

At Accurate Signs, we respect the importance of political engagement in communities near and far. Campaigns are all about getting the message out to build awareness so that voters can make an informed decision at the polls. 

We work with individuals and organizations to create custom signage that makes an impact. Whatever strategy you have, we’ll work with you to implement it with customized signs.

The Different Types of Political and Campaign Signs

During an election season, how many signs have you seen during your commute? Election signs come in different shapes and sizes to suit various arrangements. 

Coroplast yard signs are perfect for streets in a neighborhood, but for highways, a large vinyl banner would be better. Whomever you want to reach, we have the right sign to meet them.

Yard Sign

Yard Sign Noschese

Coroplast yard signs are seen everywhere! You find election yard signs in front of homes, near polling stations (but not too close), on the street corner, at the curb – virtually anywhere. Offical elections operations even use them to Instruct the public.  Standard coroplast sign dimensions are 24″ by 18″, but we can make them as big as 48″ by 96″. 

Vinyl Banner

Need to say your message a little louder? We can make a large banner to be hung by the highway, or at a big event.

Car Decal

Blaze the campaign trail with mobile signage! We make custom decals so you can spread the word while you drive.

Car Decal Cedric Davis


How serious are you about your campaign? You can show this with an investment in an aluminum sign upgrade. These signs are beyond sturdy. 

Durable aluminum signs are for those who play the long game. For example, those who plan to run again in the future or for re-election. Another example, a sign like this might be made as a general-purpose political party promotional tool that can be reused over the years.

Where Can You Put Your Campaign Signs?

Election signs are a financial investment. You want to be sure they are placed where they won’t be yanked by code enforcement confiscation. 

Homeowners Associations and election rules may limit where political yard signs can be placed. Some neighborhoods won’t allow political signs at all. 

There are rules about where signs can be placed where voting takes place. Texas state law says that you cannot put political signs within 100 feet of the door to a polling place.

Let’s go over best practices for signs placement.

Your Front Yard

You’re fired up about your cause, so you want to show your support on your own turf! It’s your property. You should be able to put whatever you want on your own lawn right? Not always. Check with your neighborhood rules.

Along Sidewalks

Being in the business of making signs, we know all about the value of traffic. Placing signs by the roadside or sidewalk means more eyes on your investment. 

From all the signs we see everywhere during election seasons, we know that they are allowed in many areas. Where you place these signs might be private property. A property owner has the prerogative to remove unauthorized signs, so ask permission first.


  • It is unlawful to place any sign in the right of way. This means you cannot post signs on trees, telephone poles, traffic signs, and other objects that are in the right of way.
  • Campaign signs can be placed along Texas roads on private property per the owner’s consent.
  • Check with the city for applicable ordinances before placing signs within the bounds of incorporated city limits.

When your signs are removed for breaking the rules or for trespassing violations, you may not ever get them back, so be sure to check with local government and private property owners to ensure that it’s okay to put your signs by the roadside or sidewalk. As a general rule, signs must be removed once election day has passed.


Ready to take your campaign on the road? Car decals can be pricey, so be sure to plan this well. 

As a general rule, don’t affix signs to a vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe, like on areas that would obstruct your view (windshield or windows). 


Your new banner or aluminum sign would look amazing on that fence. But who’s fence is it? If it’s your fence, it should be fine as long as you aren’t violating any deed restrictions or HOA rules. If it’s someone else’s fence in a major traffic area, you still need permission even if you see signs already posted on it.

You can’t control sign theft from adversaries, but you can prevent sign loss by making sure you follow protocol. If not, you lose out on your sign investment when one is removed for being placed improperly. 

How Much Are Election Signs?

How much signage can you get for your campaign budget? Pricing depends on size and material.

We’ll give you a quick summary of our pricing guideline. However, we want to remind people that customization is available to make the perfect sign for your campaign, and special cases may come with a price adjustment.

  • Full-color double-sided coroplast yard sign with stake 24″ x 18″: $25.23.
  • 50 ct. two-color double-sided coroplast yard sign with stake, 24″ x 18″: $10.29.
  • Single-sided banner with sewn edges + grommets and sewn edges: $94.50.
  • Vehicle lettering on driver and passenger doors, 22″ x 18″ in size for each door: $99.
  • Partial vehicle wrap installation: between $500 to $2200.

We understand that campaigns are on a budget, so we strongly encourage you to contact us directly for the most accurate pricing.

Call Accurate Signs to Discuss Your Options

In it to win it? Now that you are aware of all the sign types and placement best practices, nothing is stopping you from getting the message out! 

We may not be political strategists, but Accurate Signs is the top candidate for printing signs that will grab the attention of the public. We’re always working with the Dallas community to make colorful signs that convey a message with impact!

Unlike voting, when selecting custom election signs you aren’t limited to one choice, and you don’t have to wait in line! Contact us for sign planning or for an estimate for all the campaign signage you’ll need to go the distance!