Make an impact with custom vinyl wraps – your very own auto wrap made to order the Accurate Signs way!

Order Your Own Custom Vinyl Wrap

Ready to turn a blank space into a bold statement that drives your brand? We’ve got you covered. Business owners from near and far come to us for on-point custom vinyl decals.

Need some help finalizing your car wrap design? We’ll get it just right and ship the decals directly to you after they’ve been printed and quality checked!

Are Vinyl Wraps Worth It?

When durability, customization, and making the best impression are what matters, vinyl wraps are your best bet. 

Custom vinyl wraps can be used for various surfaces, but one of the most common applications is custom car wrapping. Vinyl wraps are more popular than custom paint jobs because they are removable. When it’s time to sell or repurpose the vehicle, the wrap can be uninstalled – this can’t be done with a paint job.

Vinyl wraps are also better for branding because custom designs can be multi-colored versus a paint job (which is two-tone at best). Say it exactly the way you want to with custom vinyl wraps.

Design Your Own Vinyl Wrap!

No one wants to render a design for a custom car wrap only for it to look totally wrong. Our goal is for each custom vinyl wrap to have the finished product either meet or exceed your expectations. We’ll help you with the design to get it just right (usually at no extra charge).

It can be tricky to get the colors and the measurements just right. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to get the design accurately calibrated for printing. Rest assured that your custom vinyl wrap will be the perfect size and dimension.

Our Car Wrap Designers Can Help

Not sure if your design is the one you want? Unhappy with what your designer came up with? Starting completely from scratch? No problem. Our in-house designer will create custom vinyl wraps how you envision them (usually at no additional cost).

Once the Custom Wrap is Designed – What Next?

We’ll print your custom vinyl wraps according to our high-quality standards. Once the decals are flawless and ready to install, we ship them straight to you.

Once you receive your custom wraps, you may either install them yourself or have the application done professionally by a local shop.

Locate a Car Wrapping Company

Custom car wraps are an investment. If you don’t have experience with installing custom vinyl wraps for cars, we recommend you find a local auto service to do it for you.

Ask them how they install them to protect the wrap’s integrity. For example, wrapping the top, or the hood shortens the lifespan of the vinyl wrap because of sun exposure.

If you’d like to know more about what specific questions you should ask an auto shop about decal installation, call us after you get your order.

DIY Vinyl Wrap Installation

If you have the right tools and plenty of time to execute this carefully and correctly, DIY vinyl wrap installation can be done. To avoid any costly errors, you should go through the meticulous process of getting the vehicle ready for wrap application.

Generally, the tools needed for this application are: a measuring tape, gloves, squeegee, cleaning solution, cutting blade, cutting tape, heat gun, and an infrared thermometer. 

For optimum results, the car’s exterior should be flawless. The workspace and the vehicle should be extremely clean and dust-free. Each decal is carefully applied leaving some slack for tucking. Once everything is in place, you’ll bond the wrap to the auto body with heat.

How Much Is a Custom Vinyl Wrap?

When creating your marketing sign budget, you’ll need to know all the costs involved with a custom vinyl auto wrap. To get your vehicles from plain to pizazz, three things factor into the cost of custom vinyl wraps: design, production, and installation. 

Vinyl Wrap Design

Some designs are small and simple, while others are elaborate and made for a large scale. The cost of vehicle wrap design ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Accurate Signs custom vinyl wraps design assistance is included in the price of the wrap (in most cases).

Vinyl Wrap Creation

Once the design is perfect, it’s time to bring it to life! Below is a breakdown of what it costs to produce the decal(s).

  • The back windshield (perforated): Typically, a few hundred dollars.
  • Partial wrap: Usually, around $2000 depending on the complexity.
  • Full wrap: Ranges from $2500 to $4000 (the high end is usually for a large vehicle such as a van).

Vinyl Wrap Installation 

For custom vinyl wraps installation, how much it costs depends on the size of the vehicle, the condition of the paint surface, and the complexity of the car wrap plan.

A modest partial wrap may be as low as $300. If the vinyl wrap covers about 40% of your vehicle, costs range from $600 for sedans or $900 for some SUVs. At 60% coverage, it costs about $1,600 for a sedan, or upwards of $1900 for an SUV. To cover 100% of a sedan-sized vehicle ranges between $2800 and $3400.

Of course, the costs for installation varies depending on the shop and your location. Shop around for a fair deal, but also read reviews to make sure you put your car wrapping in the right hands. 

Vinyl Wrap Samples

Having that first look at a completed custom car wrap is exciting! When we see unique car wraps go from a design on a computer screen to a stunning new look on a vehicle, this brings joy to our clients and to us. Have a look at some of the work we’ve done on our portfolio page!