Custom Coroplast Signs

coroplast signsWe see them every election season either in front lawns or as a dense congregation around polling places: yard signs. They bear the candidate’s name, party affiliation, and usually a slogan with a bold promise. 

Coroplast signs are ideal for political campaigns because they are printed in batches, easily distributed, and install in seconds. But you can use coroplast signs for any short-term purpose. Though they are small, they still grab attention.

So what are Coroplast signs?

Coroplast is corrugated plastic (plastic cardboard) and is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC. The most common Coroplast signs measure 24″ by 18″ but we can do them as large as 48″ by 96″.  On them you can print custom graphics, the words of your choice and the signs will stand up to rain unlike a posterboard written in Sharpie. Below are some common uses for Coroplast signs.


Common Uses for Coroplast Signs:

  • Real estate properties: Branded with the brokerage, realtor’s name & contact info.
  • Home security: Notice that a property has a security system installed.
  • City maintenance advisories: Boil water notices, lawn treatment notice, etc.
  • Short-term campaigns: Youth sports, camps, limited time offers, etc.
  • Events: Announcement of events & guidance of where to park, check-in, etc.
  • Temporary markets: Farmers markets, sidewalk sales, roadside merchants, etc.


More About Coroplast 

Lightweight and durable? How do they do it? 

Just as Kleenex became the name for tissue, Coroplast is the common synonym for corrugated plastic. It’s made of triple-layer polypropylene plastic substrate. The two sides of the “cardboard” are flat plastic sheets with a layer of accordion-like folds in the center.

If you’ve ever handled USPS crates, you’ve probably encountered the lightness and strength of this plastic cardboard. This #5 plastic is versatile and can blend with additives that add other benefits to make it flame retardant, anti-static, UV protected, etc. This plastic is also recyclable.

Coroplast sign material comes in a bright white color that shows bold graphics well. The material is sturdy but can also be modified should you need to put holes in it. 

A sturdy, waterproof material that can be directly printed on and recycled after use makes Coroplast ideal for temporary signage.


Custom Coroplast Signs

Accurate Signs offers custom coroplast signs with the graphic of your choice. We can print one or two-color signs in batches of 25 or more single or double sided. Or we can do full color signs in any quantity.


Coroplast Yard Signs

Having property in a high-traffic area gives you the advantage of visibility. Coroplast yard signs allow you to seize the opportunity for exposure.

Coroplast sign printing allows homeowners to display yard signs that inform neighbors about important local issues that affect the community.

While the term “yard signs” sounds residential, they are also used for commercial or public use properties. (Examples: “Now Hiring” announcements or letting citizens know about tax help at the library.)

How Much Do Coroplast Signs Cost?

Coroplast signs are made of strong plastic. They are designed to be light, durable, and waterproof. While they may not last as long as permanent signs, you can depend on them to be reusable and look great for months.

Accurate Signs offers a full-color, double-sided coroplast sign with a stake for $25.23. A batch of 50 two-color and double-sided signs with stakes runs about $514.50 at $10.29 per sign plus tax. See our pricing guideline for more information

Let’s Get the Word Out

Our custom coroplast signs are an affordable and effective way to inform the public about important matters. They play a key role in successful promotions, and it’s a wise move to use signs that are professionally produced with bold colors.

You could make your own signs, but will they catch eyes and be readable? Will a day of rain ruin them? Accurate Signs will make an attractive and durable yard sign for you!

We at Accurate Signs want our customers to message effectively. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll give you a quote!