Periodically Accurate Signs will post articles of local interest to East Dallas County. Both Frank Block and Doug Barton are involved in a number of local organizations. We undestand that supporting the community and being involved is an important part of running a small business.

City Government Elections

On March 17th Doug  attended the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce  luncheon that brought together the candidates for Dallas Mayor as well as the Dallas City Council District 9 council candidates. The program was moderated by Gromer Jeffers  of The Dallas Morning News.

Mayor’s Race

Mike Rawlings, Dallas City Council debate

Mayor Mike Rawlings

Mayor Mike Rawlings  was on hand along with Marcos Ronquillo who is opposing him in the upcoming mayoral race. There is one primary issue that separates these two men: the Trinity River Toll Road. Rawlings supports it and Ronquillo claims that the money for the toll road could be more effectively used in other areas of the city. By the way the two men greeted each other it is obvious that they have mutual respect and since Rawlings appears to be a lock to be re-elected Ronquillo may just be setting himself up for a run in four years.

Mike Rawlings impressed me when I saw him speak in the middle of 2014. He needed a hip replacement and because his support of the development of South Dallas is so strong he had it done at Methodist Hospital. That is walking the talk.

Marcos Ronquillo, Dallas District Nine debate

Marcos Ronquillo

Dallas City Council District 9

There are a number of candidates for the seat that will be vacated by Sheffie Kadane  (he has reached his term limit) and the race seems to be open. At least I have not made up my mind and found something positive and negative about each candidate.

Darren Boruff was raised in East Dallas and has been a board member of the Dallas Park and Recreation as well as leadership roles in the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Reddy Ice Holdings, his employer, where he is Vice President. He sees opportunities to improve Cara View, Ferguson Road, and Garland Road through economic development. Darren is especially well known for his work on East Dallas parks. However, he does not seem to have much

Mark Clayton lives in Casa Linda Estates neighborhood  and has been in the district for 11 years. Clayton is a small business owner (All State Insurance on Gaston) and was inspired to run for the council based on his experience in helping to stop the restaurant from being built on Boy Scout Hill. He wants to build better communication between the city government and the people of the city. Clayton stands apart as the candidate who opposes the Trinity River Toll Road. Mark seemed less knowledgeable than most of the other candidates but was the most likable of all during the discussion.

Christopher Jackson is on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Arboretum and has lived in old Lake Highlands for 17 years. He graduated from SMU with a law degree. A couple of years ago he spoke with Sheffie Kadane about running for the council and Kadane suggested that he get on the Cultural Affairs Commission to get more experience. Jackson sees opportunities to improve economic development through the Ferguson Road Initiative , Garland Road Vision , and the Greater Casa View Area Plan . Mr. Jackson seemed to be the most knowledgeable on the issues, however, he presented a very gruff exterior which may work against him if elected and he needs to work with the rest of the city government.

Sam Merten is a former aide to Mike Rawlings, a former reporter for the Dallas Observer and current executive team member. He was a long time resident of Oak Cliff and recently moved into the Casa Linda area  . His biggest concern is that District 9 has the most miles of streets rated poor and unacceptable of the 14 council districts. Also, he wants to increase the tax base by bringing in new businesses and suggests the Trinity Grove development as an example of how this could be done. He has lived in the district for less than a year, however, since he has worked as an aide to Mayor Rawlings he has good insight into the workings of city politics.