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One reason to go with a decal or wrap for your vehicle is that you can remove them in the future as needed. But removing them may not be as easy as you assume. If you’re ready to change your car’s decal, then Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX, can help with the removal and replacement process!

The Risk of Doing It Yourself

Often, people who attempt to remove them on their own find the process can be quite difficult and frustrating. Yes, these are designed to be removed and replaced, but they’re also designed to adhere to the vehicle and remain in place rain or shine, so they don’t simply peel away like a sticker. In some cases, business owners have even damaged vehicles by trying to remove decals, leading to more issues with the paint and surfaces of the car or truck. When you need to remove and replace them, consider calling our company for expert help!

The Removal Process

We don’t just remove the decal itself, but we also clear away the remaining adhesive material too. We thoroughly clean the area with a 91% alcohol solution and Rapid Remover (known commercially as Goo Gone) to completely clear away residue. To avoid injury to the finish of your vehicle and to lift the sticker without shredding it, we will use special plastic razors that can cleanly and effectively strip them from the car without damaging your paint. If the decal is an older one, we may also use a special rubbing wheel for an additional layer of protection. If we have to do a large area using the rubbing wheel it could become a very expensive job. Now, due to the oxidation of the surrounding paint, there is a chance that the color of your finish may be slightly different where the sticker once resided.

Our prices for this process are very fair, so businesses big and small can afford to have their stickers taken off professionally. We charge $35 for the first half hour of work, and $25 for each additional 30 minutes of work. Or we are happy to provide a quote for the entire project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and talk through your options!

We Can Apply New Ones!

Do you have new decals or a full car wrap that you need applied to your vehicle? Don’t risk a shoddy appearance by trying to apply them yourself. At Accurate Signs, we can even help design and craft your custom wrap or sticker, using our expertise to craft a product that grabs the attention of drivers and pedestrians, and helps your business reach a new audience. Unfortunately, if you provide the stickers and we have a mishap during the installation we will not pay for new decals. Though it is rare that we make a mistake it does happen. Of course, if we make the decals in house we will replace at no charge and finish the job to your satisfaction. If you have any questions about removing or applying wraps and stickers, then give our team a call to talk about your options and to get started right away!

Accurate Signs Offers Car Wraps and More

Our team is ready to help your car with decay and wraps, so you can take your business marketing on the road. To find out more about making your vehicle stands out, give us a call at Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX at (972)686-1155!