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mesquite coroplast signs

Do you have a business you’d like to spread the world about, or a campaign that needs to gain more support? Then you need signs. You may need quite a few! Which is why Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX, offers our coroplast signage, which is durable, lightweight, and can be easily customized for your business, campaign, or epic yard sale.

A Stable and Durable Material

Corrugated plastic is a very tough but lightweight material. Made of triple-layer polypropylene plastic substrate, this material is recyclable, and has been combined with other materials to create crates, signs, and more that are flame retardant, anti-static, and even UV protected. The material is waterproof, so it can really last, and the recyclable nature means they make a great choice for temporary use without harming the environment. They’re bright white and can display any logos, names, or phrases you need. Typically, we offer 24” by 18”, but we’ve made some as large as 48” by 96”.

Custom Options

You can bring in your own design and we will use it for your signage. Or! We have in-house designers who can help you create a design that is eye catching and stunning. These can be used for real estate, spreading the word about your office or that you have a place for sale. You can let people know about your home security set up, or even make event announcements people can’t ignore. They make a great choice for city maintenance advisories, and temporary markets or activities. Of course, they’re a mainstay for any political campaign too. They’re durable, waterproof nature and custom capabilities means you can employ them for almost anything!


Another great feature is their affordability. For such a sturdy and customizable option, buying batches is much more affordable than other signage options. We can print double sides or single sided, and offer full color too. When placed in a high traffic area, you can definitely spread the word about an event or business. They remain readable for months to come, or can easily be recycled for a shorter-term use. If you have any questions about them that we didn’t address in this blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or our website. We look forward to hearing from you, and bringing your design to life!

Make Your Business Stand Out in Mesquite, TX

With strong and lightweight materials, we can craft custom options to draw eyes to your campaign or business. Learn more about our custom and durable signage options, or ask about a quote by contacting Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX at 972-686-1155 or visiting our website. In addition to coroplast, we have tons of other options for businesses, including car wraps!