My wife and her sister think the funniest joke in the world is their ‘pate paste’ joke. They realize it is not particularly funny. But they love to see the reactions of people who are just confused by the ‘punch line’. This confused look that people get provides lots of joy to them both. Here’s the original joke.


What does Howard Cosell use to keep his toupee on his head?  Pate paste.


Then Anne and Amy would start laughing as the person who was told the joke furrows their brow and exhibits other obvious signs of confusion. The more confused the person is the more they laugh. They’re not laughing at the person; they are laughing at a joke they have told for decades. And it always gets the same confused reaction. And as the years go by they laugh even more at the reaction.

That’s it. You may see Anne and Amy loitering outside the training room that has the Pate Paste sign watching people as they read it. This will explain why two women are standing in the hallway laughing uncontrollably.

Pate Paste joke sign

The Sign at the Dallas Comedy House.