Shedding Skin is an improv group that performs at the Dallas Comedy House. The group was established by Gabriel Vasquez when another group he was part of, CLR, decided to stop performing in March of 2018.

There are six members of the group. Each time they perform they count off from one to six at the top of the show. Then an audience member rolls a large dice. This roll determines who will be leaving the group. It will be the last show for that person.

The person who is ‘rolled out of’ the group is then required to find a new person.

Here is a list of the people who have left, the number that was rolled to eliminate them, and the month and year when they left. To know the people who are currently in the group you have to go to a show.

  • Cesar Villa – 2 (9/18)
  • Amy McGiffin – 2 (10/18)
  • Gabriel Vasquez – 4 (10/18)
  • Josh Hensley – 6 (11/18)
  • Darcy Armstrong – 5 (12/18)
  • Sarah Ellen – 2 (2/19)
  • Sophia Kwong Myers – 3 (7/19)
  • Lisa Michalsky – 5 (8/19)
  • Doug Barton – 2 (9/19)

September 2019 – Goodbye Doug


August 2019 – Goodbye Lisa

February 2019 – Goodbye Sarah