Typical Williams Chicken window clingWilliams Chicken has been a long time client of Accurate Signs. Frank Block, the founder of Accurate Signs, and Hiawatha Williams, the founder of Williams Chicken have had a very good business relationship built on mutual respect. Most recently we have provided window clings that promote seasonal specials, menu board updates, posters, a trade show booth throw, and a parade banner for the Williams Chicken company. The main company uses our services as well as several of the independent franchise owners.

Williams Chicken uses an eye-catching yellow font on red for their posters and window clings to promote their dinner and seasonal specials. They provide high visibility for their size which leaves plenty of window space to let the sun shine in.

Williams Chicken – More than a Business

Williams Chicken parade banner

“Dedicated to Serve, Grow, and Give Back to the Community.”

One of the reasons that Accurate Signs is so proud to help Williams Chicken is because Mr. Williams has always looked for ways to help others and support his community. His business allowed him to provide good food and employment throughout the city as well as the ability to mentor people in the organization. But his Samaritan efforts do not stop with the business. He has been a long-time mentor of at-risk youths, donated to the poor, and shared his philosophy at numerous colleges and self-help seminars for the benefit of all who attended.

Wear My Good Socks

Early this year Williams Chicken ordered a few hundred window clings for their stores and I delivered them to their home office. When I told Shana, the marketing person at the time, that I would be coming out to drop off the signs she responded, “I will be sure to wear my good socks.” I thought this was a very funny response. Now anytime I am going to a meeting and want to make a good impression I think of Shana’s phrase and remember to wear my good socks!

Located Throughout North Texas

There are over 40 Williams Chicken restaurants located from Tyler to Fort Worth and from Cedar Hill to Plano. The business has steadily grown since it was founded in 1987 and currently employs over 500 people.