WrapCar Wrap Vs Paint

A car serves as part of a persona. Bold colors and novel designs make a big statement you can take on the road to make a lasting impression before many pairs of eyes.

Mass-produced vehicles have a limited color palette, so we get used to seeing the same colors over and over again. We change it up because we seek attention, either for personal or promotional reasons.

For 30 years, Accurate Signs has worked with businesses to make the best impression in the Mesquite, TX and Dallas, TX areas. We team up with local businesses to create the perfect vehicle wraps to drive around town. Contact us at (972) 996-7223 with any questions you have about car wraps!

Why Change Your Vehicle’s Appearance?

For businesses, customized vehicles get you way more mileage for your marketing. Because of the high value with this method of advertising, some companies are willing to pay hundreds of dollars just to have someone drive around town with signage. Brand recognition grows and people frequently seeing your representative vehicle out on the road get an impression that your business is thriving.

As for paint color makeovers, unconventional colors stand out from a long line of cars. A signature color expresses an individual’s personality or becomes a brand’s identity.

Having a vehicle represent uniqueness with either a specific color hue or a graphic logo helps you to be known. Transforming your car from generic to novel bolsters your identity and helps others remember you.


Your Options: Car Wrap Vs Paint Job

For changing the color personality of your vehicle, you have two options: a vinyl wrap or a paint job. The main difference between a wrap vs paint is that paint is permanent and a vinyl wrap is removable. What kind of makeover you opt for depends on your goals and preferences.

What is Vinyl Wrap?

With a car wrap, custom fit decals cover parts of the auto body to transform the vehicle’s appearance. Each piece is carefully applied followed by a heat treatment to activate the adhesive and seal the bond to the auto body. The decals make no change to the auto paint itself and they can be removed to revert back to the original color.

Beyond the standard glossy finish, the graphic displays can be enhanced with gradient color, chrome metallic color, or an understated matte color. Decals can be customized however you like to make the appearance your very own. Learn more about Accurate Signs car wrapping and see real-life examples of our work with Car Wraps.  

What’s a Paint Job?

Paint jobs either restore the original paint of the auto body or change the overall color. First, the body is completely cleaned and degreased then sanded down. An additional cleaning prepares the surface for painting. A single color is painted with a sprayer device to evenly coat the surface of the vehicle. Once all coats have been applied and dried, the body is treated with a clear coat.

A fresh paint job can make a car look like it did the day it first drove off the lot. Paint jobs preserve the authenticity of high-end and collectible cars by maintaining their original appearance.

Car Wrap Vs Paint Cost – Which is Cheaper?

Cost is a likely factor in a wrapping vs painting decision: is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

Paint jobs run from $500 (low quality) or anywhere between $1,000-$5,000 (high-quality).

A professional wrap runs between $2,500 to $5,000. There is also a labor cost to remove the wrap that may range between $500-$600.

Accurate Signs does partial or complete wraps with costs ranging from $500 to $4,000 depending on the size of the job. Design services are included at no additional cost (in most cases). Check out our car wrap pricing guidelines for more information. 


Time of Application – Which Takes Longer?

Painting a car is a lengthy process whereas wrapping has a relatively quick turnaround time. A paint job could take up to two weeks to complete while getting a car wrapped can be done in a few days.

Paint jobs require more prep time and several coats of paint (plus clear coat). Technicians take their time as each step must be done with care to prevent cosmetic or integrity flaws.

Wrapping takes less time than painting because it’s an application of only one layer and it’s a simpler process.


Durability of Vehicle Wraps Vs Paint – Which Lasts Longer?

How long a paint job lasts depends on the quality of the work and the care given to maintenance. Low-quality jobs will last a few years, but high-quality work can last for a lifetime if the paint is gently cleaned and regularly waxed.

Vinyl wraps are easier to maintain and do not require waxing. Depending on the coloring and how the decals are situated, a wrap will last 2-10 years.


Customization – Which Option Provides More Flexibility?

Paint typically involves one or two colors (for that two-toned look) and that’s about as flexible as it gets. Paint is also permanent so the color is a long term commitment.

Car wraps are highly flexible as you can use multiple colors and various effects for a highly-customized look. Another flexible feature is being able to remove the wrap. If you want to repurpose the car or prepare the vehicle for sale, you can remove the entire wrap and go back to the original state. It’s a short-term commitment if you wish it to be.


So Should You Wrap or Paint Your Car?

For those who want to keep it simple and traditional, a paint job will suffice. It may require a lot of time in the shop and perhaps cost more, but investing in a high-quality paint job will last many years. You might prefer a solid color for the vehicle to transition between business and personal use.

As with a paint job, vehicle wraps can also be a solid color and create a new look without a permanent change. For those who really want to take their message on wheels before thousands of people out and about in public, a custom design wrap does just that. 

Sporting a custom design wrap presents your brand in a big way and builds awareness for your business. Some will even park these vehicles close to the roadway when not in use to maximize the advertising benefit.

Have you seen attractive decaled vehicles around town and does that inspire you to upgrade your look? Get started on transforming your vehicle into an attention-grabber! Contact us at (972) 686-1155. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about the vinyl wrap design and installation process.