Winter is coming around the corner, and it’s important you incorporate some winter maintenance practices to prolong the life of your vinyl wrap. The graphics on your car wrap aren’t the only important factor, but also the maintenance and look of the vinyl wrap itself, which paints the public an impression of your business. A torn and tattered vinyl wrap on your car can make your business look like you don’t upkeep or that you aren’t doing well. 

Winter conditions can take a toll on your vinyl wrap, but vinyl can generally be maintained as long as it’s kept clean. Vinyl car wraps are very durable and can even protect your car’s paint. To keep your vinyl looking good as new by the time winter is over, follow these 5 maintenance care tips.

1. Avoid Using a Scraper Over Your Vinyl Car Wrap

While you may need to wipe the snow off your windshield before driving on a snowy day, avoid wiping your vinyl wrap with a scraper. Scrapers and harder brushes can potentially scratch your vinyl, so use a soft brush or cloth instead. Wearing water-proof gloves, rub the snow off your car with an absorbent towel. Or, use a hose to run water (not hot) on the vinyl to rinse off the debris. When debris seems to stick on to your vinyl wrap, avoid anything that rubs the area too hard because the debris could end up scratching the vinyl wrap. The best way to remove stuck-on debris is to run water over the debris until it loosens and washes away with a sponge and detergent. 

2. Clean Off Salt from the Vinyl Wrap

With salt on the road during snowy winter months, it’s important you continually clean your vinyl wraps after use on icy days. Salt can dehydrate and corrode vinyl wrap when left on it for too long. Washing your car once a week should be enough to prevent the buildup of salt during winter. However, you might want to rinse or wipe the base of your wraps where the most contact with salt was made, after each drive on salt-treated roads.

3. Get Holes or Scratches Fixed Right Away

When you leave a hole or tear in your car’s vinyl without getting it fixed right away, you’re at a higher risk for it to develop into further damage that will cost you more money to fix. The sooner you get a mark or hole fixed, the better. Newer damage tends to be more fixable, but even the smallest holes can quickly become larger problems. You can take in your car wraps for a touch-up, which will cost you less than fixing a big hole or getting a new wrap, and take less time.

4. Spot Clean Your Vehicle Frequently

The importance of keeping your car vinyl wrap clean in the winter can’t be stressed enough. Get in the habit of spot cleaning your vehicle whenever a bird, bug, tree sap or other element gets your vinyl wrap dirty. Leaving a contaminant can stain the vinyl, altering the colors on your graphics. Fuel is harder to spot, but if you know of a fuel spill on your car wrap, be sure to clean it before it stains. Grab a wet sponge with a non-abrasive detergent as needed to gently spot clean your car wrap. Rinse with cold or tepid water and dry.

5. Avoid Pressure Washing

Keeping up with regular hand-washing and automatic car washes can help you avoid pressure washing. Pressure washing on vinyl wraps should only be done if absolutely necessary since it can cause the edge peeling, as well as fading and cracking. If you do have to pressure wash, do so at the lowest pressure setting and cold water. Keep the nozzle more than a foot from the vinyl and never closer. 

Best Practices for Car Vinyl Wrap Care this Winter Season

When you get your vehicle vinyl wrapped, you want to prolong the life of your wrap as long as possible. This goes a long way in saving you money on new vinyl wraps, and the downtime of getting it rewrapped. It pays off to keep your vinyl wrap clean with a soft cloth to avoid letting salt or stains stay on. Avoid scraping and pressure washing. Your car wrap’s condition influences the look and feel of your business as it advertises it. Follow these maintenance and care tips throughout the winter months to keep your vinyl wrap looking newer for longer.

When you do need a fix-up or a new car wrap, be sure to get with the right guys for the job. For 30 years, Accurate Signs has worked with businesses to make the best impression in the Mesquite, TX and Dallas, TX areas. Contact Accurate Signs to create a professional sign or vinyl wrap that will further your business’s message and reach.