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Wondering if you should get your car vinyl wrapped? Chances are, you’ve seen businesses with custom car wraps that showcase their service with eye-catching, high-resolution graphics, and even a call to action. Not only do vinyl wraps make your business look professional, but also they provide one of the most cost-effective forms of advertisement. Accurate signs can create custom vinyl wraps not just for cars, but for any vehicle, whether a motorcycle, van, or truck.

FUN Truck Vinyl Wraps | Accurate Signs

We even did a full wrap on a box truck for a client that sells and repairs arcade games and pool tables. For their vinyl wrap, we incorporated life-size photos of two of their employees on the door, making them appear to be inside the truck.

If you’re still wondering whether a vinyl wrap is right for your vehicle, we’ve rounded up 6 of the top benefits they provide.

1. It Gives Your Business a Professional Look

A generic-looking car, van or truck doesn’t look like it’s dedicated to your business. Business vehicles that are custom-wrapped in their own branding demonstrate the stability of their business. When your custom-wrapped car or van is parked out in front of your business, the polished look presents an air of professionalism.

2. It’s Fully Customizable

Because vinyl wraps are so customizable, you can choose whatever you want to display, and exactly how it will look. Since vinyl wraps are printed at a crystal-clear resolution, you can allow your creativity to flow limitlessly. Choose any text, photos or graphics, and arrange them where you want on the car. Our team can help you with your design, or follow your direction to place every element exactly where you want it on your vehicle. 

3. It’s a Cut-To-Fit Design

We custom-make each vinyl wrap according to the vehicle’s specifications. If you want the entirety of the car wrapped, we can do that, or you can have just one side wrapped, just the back window, or any other part of your vehicle. We can also cover building windows and other flat surfaces with custom vinyl wraps.

4. It’s Safe 

In some cases, a wrap will protect a paint job but this is dependent on if the vehicle can be stored out of the sun when not in use and how long the wrap has been on. Removing a vehicle wrap can be as much as 1/3 to ½ the price of the original wrap price. Vinyl wraps aren’t permanent, so they can be removed at any time, to restore the vehicle’s original paint color, or to be replaced with a new custom vinyl wrap if you want to make a change. For this reason, getting a vinyl wrap on your vehicle won’t void its warranty or affect your lease of it.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

While vinyl wraps may seem expensive, you’ll actually find that they’re the most affordable and convenient option. Custom paint jobs for vehicles come at exorbitant rates. Custom-made vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are incredibly cost-effective. To achieve similar effects with paint, you’ll spend much more money, and the effects are permanent. Plus, many custom designs can’t be achieved with paint, and you’ll end up with better quality and resolution if you choose to go with a vinyl wrap.

Whereas paint can be easily damaged, vinyl wraps are resistant to scratches and chipping, so you get long-lasting value. Besides, you can hardly tell the difference between paint and a vinyl wrap. If you think of all the advertising value you get out of a vinyl wrap on your car or van, you can see that it’s actually an investment, which actually yields high returns.

6. It Raises Awareness to Your Business

By advertising your business everywhere you go, you can raise awareness in your local area of your location and of the services you provide. By putting your brand’s message and its representation in your car, you’re also able to raise brand awareness in your local area. By customizing your vehicle wrap however you want, you can even include calls to action to help you capture leads–even when you’re stuck in traffic! You can include phone numbers, website URLs, addresses, a QR code and more so that anyone interested in what your business offers can take action right away.

Consider a Vinyl Car Wrap Today

A vinyl car wrap gives you the most flexibility and customization when you want to design your vehicle’s exterior. Accurate Signs creates professional vinyl car wraps, as well as car decals, vehicle lettering, and promotional signs. To learn how we can help you, get in touch with Accurate Signs today. We look forward to hearing from you!