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accurate signs election banner

Election year is every year, as between national campaigns and local positions, there is always an election happening. If you or someone you know plans on running, you need to get the word out about your message. In today’s blog, Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX, is talking about the custom options we can create for your campaign.

Common Campaign Uses

If you want to win an election, you have to spread the word about your campaign. With a good sign, people can see your party affiliation, and also your message and slogan, at a glance. Even though your signage will likely use the same color schemes as others, you still want yours to stand out from the crowd. With custom options, we can make this possible!

Our company has helped create signs for political campaigns, including city council, state representatives, judicial elections, and even school board elections. We’ve also made them for law enforcement elections, such as county sheriff. We ensure that no matter what position you’re running for, your banners and materials will pass the visibility test and make an impact on your voters!

The Options We Provide

We will talk to you about the areas they will be placed, as this helps indicate what options you will need. For yard signs, we can create 24” by 18” or even 48” by 96” coroplast options or any size in between. Despite being disposable and recyclable, these are very durable and weather resistant. For a bigger impact, we could even create banners made from durable vinyl that can catch the attention of passing motorists. For vehicles, we can create custom decals that look great and grab attention. We also have vinyl car wraps too! The sturdiest options are made from aluminum. For aluminum, we may recommend a sign that can be used by your party for several years, as these are more expensive and very long-lasting and sturdy.

Get Started Today!

If you have any questions about our materials, let us know! In addition, if you have a design ready, we can use this and ensure it looks great in your signage. But if you’re struggling with crafting an eye-catching design, we have in-house designers who can offer assistance. We’re ready to help your campaign make an impact on your community, whether you need temporary yard options or more durable vinyl banners or car wraps.

Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX Offers Custom Signage

Our team is ready to help you create custom and attractive vehicle wraps, and even aid in the overall design if needed. Learn more about the options we can create for your campaign, or ask about a quote, by contacting Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX at 972-686-1155 or visiting our website.