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accurate signs car wrap

We often talk about the signs we create to display in windows or even on poles or the side of your business. But did you know we can create custom options you can wrap around your vehicle? In today’s blog, Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX, talks about the benefits of vinyl car wraps for businesses big and small!

The Benefits of a Car Wrap

Vinyl wraps for businesses are much cheaper than having your business message painted on your car. Plus it is relatively easy to make changes to your business’s logo and branding so you will not have to do a complete rewrap to reflect these updates. They also offer a greater variety of color and design elements. Once in place, they allow you to market your business when you’re running errands or visiting clients. You can significantly increase the number of people who will see your logo during the day.

Designing and Applying Them

We don’t just want the design to just look good in your design files, but to also look incredible on the vehicle itself. Our in-house designers know how to use your files to ensure the final product will look great on the vehicle you’re applying it to. If you don’t have a design ready, then talk to our team about creating one for you that reflects your business and your branding.

Our team understands how to ensure the colors and measurements are perfectly calibrated to ensure the finished product looks good. We take the dimensions of your vehicle into account, and we also quality-check every item we print. We then send them to you to apply yourself, or have professionally applied.

What Will One Cost?

What about the costs? Obviously, this will depend on the size of the vehicle and the style of the wrap. Some options, like a back windshield perforated option, are only a few hundred dollars. A partial wrap could be around $2,000, and a full wrap typically falls in the $2,500 to $4,000 range, the high end is usually for larger vehicles like vans. Plus, you have to factor in whether you will be working with a local shop to apply the wrap to your cars or trucks. Of course, the actual numbers will depend on a number of factors, so please talk to us to find an option that fits your budget and showcases your company in the best light!

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Our team is ready to help you create custom and attractive vehicle wraps. Learn more about the best options for showcasing your business, or ask about a quote, by contacting Accurate Signs in Mesquite, TX at 972-686-1155 or visiting our website.