Green Grocers exteriorIf you really don’t like kale but want to feel good about yourself then go to the Green Grocers.  They are located on Lower Greenville. They have a great drink that includes kale: Their Homebrew Holy Kombucha. I can taste just enough kale without getting the little gag that happens in higher concentrations. Or you can get a great deli sandwich and fresh fruit and sit in their covered front porch. So you can watch the Lower Greenville parade go by.

Green Grocers great sandwichesGreen Grocers modified their business model recently to help them  more effectively compete in the local grocery market. They are definitely worth a visit if high-quality, organic foods are important to you. Plus their staff is extremely helpful and friendly.


Accurate Signs has done some simple interior signs for them. To feature their Paninis we did some refrigerated case runners that were applied near the bottom of the refrigerated case. 
green grocers paninisCase runners are great options to communicate key features and benefits of the products and services that are most important to the success of your green grocers tacos soupsbusiness. We also did simple informational signs to let their customers know where to find featured producst like the tacos and soup sign.

Green Grocers uses effective fonts and colors which help to emphasize the company’s focus on local, organic foods.


The neighborhood around the Green Grocers has gone through a metamorphisis over the last decade. First, the surrounding houses have dramatically increased in value over the last 30 years. Because of this the entire length of Lower Greenville south of Mockingbird has seen many businesses that had been there for decades replaced with some new, trendy locations that cater to the higher income home owners. In some cases, the change is not good. But the Green Grocers has been a great addition to the avenue and, therefore, I hope they are their for decades to come.

Green Grocers Kombucha Home brew