Long Draw Beer Systems

long draw beer walk-in cooler

Walk-in cooler for the beer lines.

RSI develops and installs specialized long draw beer systems for clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area. Their latest customer is Biergarten which is a new bar located in downtown Dallas near the Omni Hotel. Here is a link to RSI’s post about this system. Long draw beer systems can be complex installations for a number of reasons. First, the beer lines must remain cold to protect the beer from going bad. That means that the kegs as well as the entire length of the distribution tubing has to stay cold all the way to the tap at the bar.

One Keg – Multiple Taps

Second, the system must be set up to allow easy access by the bar personnel. Cold beer is useless if the bartenders cannot get it poured for the patrons. The beer pull system set up at the Biergarten provides three taps for each beer. Though the taps are located at different distances from the storage area the pressure is the same for each because the system was set up using restrictor tubing for each run.

long draw beer; frozen liquor tap at Biergarten

Frozen Liquor Tap

Taps Accent the Interior Design

Third, in almost every situation the restaurant owner wants a unique configuration for their taps. Something that fits with the interior design, effectively displays the available beers as well as being convenient for the employees to use. One of the taps draws liquors. This tap is design to freeze the humidity in the air so that it is constantly covered with a layer of ice. Though this effect is dependent on the relative humidity and temperature in the bar it creates a very nice effect.

Beer pull systems truck; long draw beer

This is the wrap we did for one of RSI’s vans. It is focused on their beer equipment service and sales.

RSI provides refrigeration services for restaurants in the Dallas and Fort Worth area as well as clients in the region and across the country. This includes ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, beer systems, and other refrigerated systems.