New Lettering

Mount Hebron Christian Academy frontAccurate Signs helped Mount Hebron Christian Academy with their permanent sign. They needed to put their school name on their building and wanted to put it in two locations. We listened to what they needed and recommended Gemini letters for the project for several reasons.  Gemini letters look great, come in a wide variety of fonts and colors (including custom colors), and they are guaranteed for life. Accurate Signs is a licensed distributor of Gemini products for the Dallas area. We have not been disappointed with their products.

Mount Hebron Christian Academy backMount Hebron Christian Academy uses a Christian-based curriculum. This includes working together with parents to insure strong academic and moral development essential for success. The school has programs for preschool students through second grade. They also have before and after school programs.


Gemini letters can be ordered with a variety of installation hardware. The letters for Mount Hebron Christian Academy are stud mounted. Each letter has two or more studs sticking out the back of the letter. The letters come with a drill pattern. The pattern is attached to the building where the letters are to be applied. Then a drill hole is made at each stud point on the diagram. Once all the drill holes are made the pattern can be removed and each letter is affixed to the wall using silicon adhesive. In rare circumstances this adhesive could fail after several years.


If one or more of the stud mounts fail then it is relatively easy to pry the letter off the wall. You can then do a quick cleaning in and around the drill hole and refill the hole with new silicon adhesive. Put the letter back in place and hold for a couple of minutes to let it set. It is best to do installs in mild weather. Extremely cold weather could compromise the adhesive qualities of the silicon.

Guaranteed for Life

Custom designed Gemini letters - Mount Hebron Christian Academy used standard Gemini letters

An example of custom Gemini lettering.

If anything happens to one of the letters they will be replaced at no charge. I recently had a customer call about replacing their Gemini letters. I took photos of the letters and sent them to Gemini. They immediately agreed to replace the letters at no charge. The letters were many years old (15 years?) and several had been damaged due to sun and other weather related circumstances. It appeared that several were damaged by an extreme hail storm. Guaranteed for life is a guarantee.