Tour de Fleurs

Each year the Dallas Arboretum hosts a run that starts and ends at the garden. The Tour de Fleurs, as it is called, has several short-run options as well as a 20k for the more serious runners. They host the event each year in September. It gets started before the sun is up and ends with a live band and sponsor giveaways.

Participants enjoying the Tour de Fleurs on the lawn of the Dallas Arboretum.

Thousands of Runners

The event hosts thousands of runners for an early morning run starting at the Dallas Arboretum and running around White Rock Lake. The event is family and pet-friendly. The serious runners start first followed by all the people who are there to enjoy the weather and scenery.

Accurate Signs is a Sponsor

For the last several years Accurate Signs has been a sponsor of the event. We give-away stress dice that are 3 square. We have fun throwing the dice to contestants as they trudge up the hill after running their race. Each year we receive requests from a dozen or so teachers who want to get a pair of the dice to use as a teaching aid. We always comply with their wishes. The children have the most fun chasing their dice down the hill. There are dozens of other sponsors who give away food, drink, and other trinkets to the runners.