Mr Chicken car

Mr Chicken

One of the early ‘wraps’ done by the founder of Accurate Signs, Frank Block, was the Mr Chicken restaurant car. Frank painted all the words on the Chicken Car and the owner had a rooster head attached to the roof of the car and a tail plume on the trunk. Not only did this car promote the restaurant but it was also rented out to people who wanted a unique carriage for their special event.

Vinyl Replaces Paint

Decades ago the only way you could advertise on your vehicle was to find someone who could hand paint your message on your car. Thanks to the invention of the vinyl plotter and printer you can add any image to your vehicle. This includes any font or image that you can provide to the sign maker. For example, the Mr Chicken name could be converted to a digital image and then red and white vinyl could be cut and applied to the car to recreate the hand painted version seen above. And no skill is required other than knowing how to use computer files. Much easier than finding someone with the skills to hand paint your vehicle.

Gone But Not Missed

Though the days of paint and brush is gone most sign painters do not miss the old days. New sign making techniques are much cleaner. Also, the smells associated with paint including all the chemicals needed for clean up are gone.