Enhanced Reception

API Systems Group enhanced the look of their office with two reception area signs that were made by Accurate Signs. We had done a single sign for them in the past and they liked it so much that when they changed locations they added additional signs using the same design. Originally, API came to us with a very specific design idea in mind. When we provided the final design specs they loved the look and went forward with the original sign. Thanks to our in-house design team we can create an original look for our clients or, like in the case with API, bring their design to life.

Two Companies – One Look

API and Mutual Sprinklers - reception area signsSince we originally worked with them they merged with another company, Mutual Sprinklers, Inc., and the two companies share office space. By using the same oval pattern the two companies can display their unique brand identities in a way that makes each distinct but visually connected.  The single design motif creates a consistent look even though the company brands are very different.

Execution & Installation

The signs are large, custom-cut ovals (4 foot wide) that were made for the job. Accurate Signs printed, cut, and applied the vinyl graphics to the signs. To help with the installation API - reception area signsprocess we added drill marks to the design so we could more easily prepare the signs for attachment to the wall. The signs were mounted to the wall with brackets so they stand out about 3/4 of an inch. These signs are not back lit, however, we have done similar signs that have the back light option.

Reception Area Signs

These signs have created a very professional look for API/Mutual Sprinklers in their office. They have a similar sign in the primary entry hallway for the company. High quality Reception area signs are a great way reinforce your company brand with your clients as well as your employees.