Sign Burned by the Sun; sun damaged signs

Sign Burned by the Sun

The sun can be the worst enemy of any sign especially in Texas. The intense sun with associated heat will eventually burnt up vinyl and fade the colors of a sign. Sun damaged signs can give a bad impression for prospective customers of your business so it is a business owners best interest to redo their sign every 10 years or so. In the same way that a business owner will update their business vehicle, logoed business shirts, or any other aspect of the business that influences how a potential customer feels about the business.

Sun Damaged Signs – Example

You can see on the left hand side of the sign that the white vinyl has been burned brown and has cracked and split apart. This is an extreme case of what can happen over years with a sign that is facing south and has no shade throughout the day. In this case it took it more than a decade to get to this point. The brown spot on the left shows how the white vinyl became scarred in the heat. And the intense green color and lettering shadowing have faded significantly.

It Gets Worse with Age

A sign that already looks bad can get even worse as the years go by. It is possible in many cases to remove vinyl from a sign and replace with new material. However, if the vinyl is too far gone it will be almost impossible to remove the vinyl from the base material. This will necessitate buying a completely new sign. This is not a huge expense but can add some to the total cost of a sign.

Sun Resistant Signs

To avoid this issue a company can build a monument sign that uses metal letters or some other type of sun resistant material. Though this option looks great it can easily cost 10 times what a vinyl or direct print sign can cost. One option that can provide extended life with the value of a money back guarantee is to use Gemini letters. These letters have a life time warranty so if any fade or break then the letter is free. Installation is not covered by this warranty, however, getting the letter at no charge can save hundreds or thousands of dollars.