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Posters have been around for centuries as one of the original forms of public advertising. Bold posters are a way to introduce a new product, inform your customers of exciting news, reinforce your brand message, etc.

When putting up a poster indoors or outdoors, it’s important to hang it in such a way that it doesn’t get damaged or fall from the surface. Today, we’ll share some tips on the best way to hang posters so that each one is installed safely and securely without damaging the surface or poster.

The Best Way to Hang Posters By Type

The first thing to do is to make sure that everything is clean and organized. Clean hands and a clean space prevent the materials and adhesives from getting dirty. Any surface you hang a poster on should be clean and dust-free. 

Also, an organized space ensures that all supplies are within reach for each step. Be sure to use ladders or step stools for balance when hanging things higher up the wall.

The best ways to hang posters vary depending on if the poster is framed or not. First, we’ll go over tips for hanging a poster without a frame.

Unframed Posters

Framing isn’t always necessary and can be a needless expense for temporary signage, so it’s okay to hang them up as-is. For example, posters for an event are no longer needed after the date passes.

For frameless posters, you have several mounting products to choose from: thumbtacks, push pins, poster tape (double-sided clear tape), mounting tape, velcro strips, poster tack (removable putty), glue dots, etc.

So which mounting product is the best? All will hang your posters, but some are damaging. Thumbtacks leave permanent holes in the wall and poster and even the best tape to hang posters may cause tearing. Poster tack and glue dots are the least damaging to the poster or the wall. 

Keep in mind that some removable putty is oily and may leak through thin poster paper. Non-permanent glue dots won’t stain a paper poster, but may not be strong enough to hold thicker paper stock. In that case, the poster tack would be better. The heavier the poster, the more tack you’ll need to mount it.

Steps to Hang an Unframed Poster

  1. Prepare for a clean install: Clean and dry the surface where the posters will be hung. Also, clean and dry your hands.
  2. Plan it out: Cut pieces of paper to the size of the posters you want to hang. Attaching these placeholders to the wall with masking tape helps you plan out the positioning and spacing of your posters.
  3. Flatten the poster: Posters typically come rolled up. Unroll the poster, then carefully re-roll it in reverse (wrap around the tube it came in, if available). Rolling the poster in the opposite direction helps to flatten the poster. It’s ready to mount once it’s flat enough that it won’t curl up.
  4. Hang each poster: Apply your mounting product of choice to all corners. When using adhesives or mounting putty, carefully position the poster, then lightly attach it to the surface. Once you have the poster on the wall evenly, apply pressure to adhesive areas to solidify the bond (or smooth out putty). Tip: A piece of paper between your hand and the poster protects the poster from smudges.

If your business frequently changes out promotional posters, consider putting in a track with clips or installing “quick change” frames for these rotations (as seen in movie theaters). These methods are also how to put up posters without damaging the poster.

Framed Posters

Not all posters are temporary. Frames are used to protect posters with a long-term purpose (such as decor or permanent branding signage) Frames are also used for aesthetic purposes, as posters without a frame just wouldn’t look right in certain situations.

Frames make a lightweight poster heavy, so for most framed poster hanging, some hardware is needed. 

Frame hanging hardware consists of nails, hooks, and anchors. With so much hardware to keep up with, picture hanging kits make it easy to have all the right hardware on hand. You’ll want a kit that is appropriate for the weight of your frame. For lighter frames, easy-mount plastic sticky hooks may work.

Steps to Hang a Framed Poster

As mentioned before, hanging begins with a clean and dry surface. Since framed posters tend to be a permanent fixture, it’s even more important to plan out spacing. Again, use paper place holders to plan out the positioning.

For plastic hooks: On a clean and dry surface, mark where your plastic hook should go. It should be at the very center of the frame horizontally, yet meet the connection hardware on the back of the frame. Once you have your mark exactly right, follow the package directions. Once the hook is ready, carefully attach the frame’s hardware to the hook.

For metal kits: Use a drill with a bit comparable to the size of the anchor in your kit. Again, mark the spot horizontally center to the frame yet where it will meet the hardware attached to the frame. Drill a hole that is the appropriate size to receive the anchor. Once the hole has been made in the wall, install the anchor. Work the screw into the anchor leaving just enough head to hang the frame. Once the wall anchor is secure, carefully hang the frame.

Screw directly into the wall: Using a stud finder, find wood to drill a hole into that is closest to where you’d like to hang your frame. Again, mark the place on the wall where you want the frame to connect the screw. 

Once you have the drill site perfectly plotted, carefully drill the wood screw into the wall (some kits may include a hook to attach to the screw). Leave enough head so that it will attach to the frame’s hardware. Once the screw is in place, carefully hang the frame onto the screw.

Once the framed poster is hung, wipe off any fingerprints or smudges.

How to Safely Remove Posters

As they say, “what goes up must come down.” Promotions end, brands evolve, makeovers are planned, or it’s time to move to new space.

While the best way to hang posters is a bit complicated, removal is simpler. The goal: remove the posters with minimal damage. 

For framed posters with metal hardware: Remove the frame from the wall. Carefully remove the hooks, nails, screws, or anchors. Patch the hole with spackle and paint as needed.

For framed posters with plastic wall hooks: Remove the frame from the hook. Carefully pull the hook from the wall (or per the package directions). If some of the wall material comes off with the hook, patch, and paint as needed. (Tip: Use hot white vinegar can help loosen the adhesive for easier removal.)

For frameless posters: Carefully remove thumb tacks or pins rather than yank the poster down. For adhesive applications, loosen the bond with heat (like from a hairdryer or heat gun). Carefully peel the poster from the surface one piece at a time. Again, if some of the wall material comes off, patch and paint as needed

If you wish to save any of the posters for future use, carefully roll them up and place them into a tube or bag with silica gel packets.

Hanging Large Posters for Your Business

Sometimes the message needs to be louder, especially for outdoor marketing. An oversized poster display is a great way to take full advantage of high traffic visibility. 

For example, a retailer is in a complex with competitors nearby. Posters can lure customers to a retailer by announcing a promotion or sales event.

Posters are also an effective way to announce major changes such as new management or that the business is closed for renovations.

The bigger the poster display, the bigger the job is to install it. When it’s gigantic, the best way to hang posters (or otherwise install them) is with the help of a professional team.

Contact the Accurate Signs Professionals

For centuries, posters have been a popular medium for advertising and the tradition is still going strong. Some promotional posters still hang on walls today as artwork. For example, designs from the World’s Fair fit right in with the vintage decor.

Whether you’re going for signage that is loud, memorable, or both we can help you plan, print, and install your promotional posters. Accurate Signs is your source for promotional signs, located in Mesquite, TX. Contact us for more details and pricing information.