Mini Thunder Truck

Five year old Michael Harmon is driving a mini thunder truck just his size thanks to his grandmother and Accurate Signs. Michael has already decided he wants to chase storms when he grows up. Below is a photo of the truck as Brent (Accurate Signs  is installing the vinyl.

mini thunder truck

Brent working on mini Thunder Truck.

When his grandmother called Accurate Signs we recommended that she contact the NBC affiliate here in Dallas. We told her to let them know that Michael had his own version of their storm chaser truck. She thought that was a great idea so sent a photo of her grandson sitting in the truck. The television station was so taken with the five year old in his vehicle that they coordinated a meeting with Michael and the real thing.

Thunder Truck and Mini Me

Click on this video link to see Michael with his truck next to the real thing. David Finfrock, chief meteorologist for NBC in the DFW, was on hand as well and spoke with Michael about his truck. Watch for Michael on Halloween as he drives from house to house in his mini thunder truck.

The actual NBC Thunder Truck is a Ford F-250 Super Duty. It has onboard radar system, a 2 Ghz microwave transmission system with three, wireless POV cameras that can be pointed in any direction, and dual/redundant power sources. This allows the truck to chase and report live from anywhere in the DFW area.

Installatoin Tip

Brent realized that in order to apply the thin lightening bolts to the truck he needed to cut the vinyl and then apply the entire sheet of white vinyl to the truck. He then weeded out the material that was excess.

It was fun to see the transformation of the truck and see the excitement of Michael’s grandmother when she saw it. Happy customers make our day!