WrapVehicle wrap

About 71% of people look at the messages on roadside advertising (signs), making vehicle wraps an innovative and viable marketing initiative for startups and small businesses of all kinds. That being said, the vehicle wrap design process isn’t always as easy as it looks. There are countless considerations to make, from visibility, to message, and more. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind if you want to improve brand awareness with car decals.

Gather Essential Info

First, it’s important to figure out which of your business’s essential information you want to advertise on your car wraps. Obviously, the name of the business should be the main graphic, but you should also make it easy for potential customers to contact you if they’re interested. Many businesses choose to also display the company’s main phone number. If possible and relevant, you may want to display your business’s social media handles as well. Whatever the case may be, deciding which information is the best to display makes it easier to design your graphic when the time comes.

Keep it Simple

Nearly 85% of people surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that signs can “convey the personality or character of the business.” That being said, it can be easier than you think to go a bit overboard with your car wrap’s design. The key is to keep things simple so that customers can read the most essential information as they drive by. Having a theme that’s too busy or brightly colored can cause viewers to get distracted and not retain the written information.

Consult the Professionals

Finally, remember that the professionals are always available to help make sure your business gets the effective advertising it needs through your car wrap design. The professionals like those at Accurate Signs are dedicated to designing one-of-a-kind car wraps and promotional signs for your business that will display its more unique qualities. Ideally, you should have some basic design ideas in mind, and then let our team of experts help to bring it — as well as your vehicle — to life.

On average, consumers are exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, making it essential to understand your business’s purpose and goal when designing any type of promotional signs. For more information about advertising on business vehicles, contact Accurate Signs.