Van Lettering Examples

Van lettering is a simple, but effective way to get your businesses name out there. Depending on what kind of design you use, you can convey certain messages. With van lettering and lettering on other vehicles, your company name is more likely to be seen, due to your companies logo not being stationary. A wider audience will mean more business for you and your company.

Balch Springs van lettering rear window

The Message Being Conveyed

Balch Springs is a city, 16 miles away from Dallas, which borders Mesquite. Balch Springs is a growing community with a population of around 25,000. It was first settled around 1840 and was incorporated as a city in 1953 to avoid becoming part of Dallas. When Balch Springs approached us, they had just created a new design for their logo (the leaf design shown below.) This design is good for several reasons. The logo is eye catching, yet simple enough that once you process the logo, you can read the name, Balch Springs, and the letters beneath, and understand what they are advertising. For this lettering, we printed three different shapes. One big leaf, one small leaf, and then the letters themselves. Then we laid them on the van individually.

Balch Springs, Van Lettering, side window, minivan, shuttle van

How and Why Van Letting Can Be Effective

For the Balch Springs van, the design is very minimal. While being minimal though, the design is eye-catching. This means that customers will quickly know what your company name is.what your business is, and what you are offering. In this example, we used tricolor prints. This is another example of how sometimes less can be a better option. If there are many different colors, processing the information on the van quickly would be difficult, but with fewer colors and a simpler format, a viewer finds this easier to read with limited time.