Van Lettering

Van Lettering Examples

Van lettering is a simple, but effective way to get your businesses name out there. Depending on what kind of design you use, you can convey certain messages. With van lettering and lettering on other vehicles, your company name is more likely to be seen, due to your companies logo not being stationary. A wider audience will mean more business for you and your company.

Balch Springs van lettering rear window

The Message Being Conveyed

Balch Springs is a city, 16 miles away from Dallas, which borders Mesquite. Balch Springs is a growing community with a population of around 25,000. It was first settled around 1840 and was incorporated as a city in 1953 to avoid becoming part of Dallas. When Balch Springs approached us, they had just created a new design for their logo (the leaf design shown below.) This design is good for several reasons. The logo is eye catching, yet simple enough that once you process the logo, you can read the name, Balch Springs, and the letters beneath, and understand what they are advertising. For this lettering, we printed three different shapes. One big leaf, one small leaf, and then the letters themselves. Then we laid them on the van individually.

Balch Springs, Van Lettering, side window, minivan, shuttle van

How and Why Van Letting Can Be Effective

For the Balch Springs van, the design is very minimal. While being minimal though, the design is eye-catching. This means that customers will quickly know what your company name is.what your business is, and what you are offering. In this example, we used tricolor prints. This is another example of how sometimes less can be a better option. If there are many different colors, processing the information on the van quickly would be difficult, but with fewer colors and a simpler format, a viewer finds this easier to read with limited time.

Richardson Bike Mart Mobile Repair Van

Richardson Bike Mart Mobile Repair Van

richardson bike mart mobile repair van 2 smThe Richardson Bike Mart mobile repair van is a new service offered by the venerable bike shop starting in 2016. They have been a fixture in the biking community since the 1960s in the Dallas area. They have grown steadily over the years. As part of their growth, the Richardson Bike Mart has supported the Hotter than Hell Hundred for years and supports other local biking events.

Accurate Signs has worked with them on a number of projects. Recently they came to us to help them with their mobile repair van. They take it to local and regional biking events to promote their business and support the participants. Also, you can set up an appointment for the van to come to your location. Here is the link to make an appointment.

Full Wrap of Older Van

richardson bike mart mobile repair van 1 smThe van was not new and the original paint on the van is black. So we tried several options with a patterned background that completely covered the van. But the Richardson Bike Mart decided to cover the van with a solid blue vinyl instead of a pattern. Then we added the cut vinyl designs on top of that. This design made for a very clean and easy to read wrap. The van looks as if it is painted blue because all sides are completely covered.

We Love Bikes!

Bike Mart wanted to wrap the van to emphasize that they are available to take care of your biking needs any where needed. As they say, “We love bikes! We race bikes, we ride bikes, we repair bikes, and we support bikes.” They want to make cycling better for people in the Dallas area. The van is an extension of what they do in the stores.

We Love Richardson Bike Mart

But we are not just marketing partners of the Bike Mart we are fans, too. Frank Block, who founded Accurate Signs, has long been a cyclist and has shopped at Richardson Bike Mart for 20 years. Doug Barton, who works at Accurate signs, bought three bicycles five years ago for the entire family for Christmas. There is nothing like a new bicycle sitting next to the Christmas tree to excite the kid in all of us.

Mount Hebron Christian Academy

New Lettering

Mount Hebron Christian Academy frontAccurate Signs helped Mount Hebron Christian Academy with their permanent sign. They needed to put their school name on their building and wanted to put it in two locations. We listened to what they needed and recommended Gemini letters for the project for several reasons.  Gemini letters look great, come in a wide variety of fonts and colors (including custom colors), and they are guaranteed for life. Accurate Signs is a licensed distributor of Gemini products for the Dallas area. We have not been disappointed with their products.

Mount Hebron Christian Academy back

Mount Hebron Christian Academy

Mount Hebron Christian Academy uses a Christian-based curriculum. This includes working together with parents to ensure strong academic and moral development essential for success. The school has programs for preschool students through second grade. They also have before and after-school programs.


Gemini letters can be ordered with a variety of installation hardware. The letters for Mount Hebron Christian Academy are stud mounted. Each letter has two or more studs sticking out the back of the letter. The letters come with a drill pattern. The pattern is attached to the building where the letters are to be applied. Then a drill hole is made at each stud point on the diagram. Once all the drill holes are made the pattern can be removed and each letter is affixed to the wall using silicon adhesive. In rare circumstances this adhesive could fail after several years.


If one or more of the stud mounts fail then it is relatively easy to pry the letter off the wall. You can then do a quick cleaning in and around the drill hole and refill the hole with new silicon adhesive. Put the letter back in place and hold for a couple of minutes to let it set. It is best to do installs in mild weather. Extremely cold weather could compromise the adhesive qualities of the silicon.

Guaranteed for Life

Custom designed Gemini letters - Mount Hebron Christian Academy used standard Gemini letters

An example of custom Gemini lettering.

If anything happens to the letters they will be replaced at no charge. I recently had a customer call about replacing their Gemini letters. I took photos of the letters and sent them to Gemini. They immediately agreed to replace the letters at no charge. The letters were many years old (20 years?) and had been damaged by the sun – faded and cracked. Note, however, that any damage due to hail storms, tornadoes, etc. are NOT covered by Gemini’s warranty. The will not replace letters due to extreme weather events and point out that this kind of damage should be covered by the insurance policy of the business.

Green Grocers On Lower Greenville


Green Grocers exteriorIf you really don’t like kale but want to feel good about yourself then go to the Green Grocers.  They are located on Lower Greenville. They have a great drink that includes kale: Their Homebrew Holy Kombucha. I can taste just enough kale without getting the little gag that happens in higher concentrations. Or you can get a great deli sandwich and fresh fruit and sit in their covered front porch. So you can watch the Lower Greenville parade go by.

Green Grocers great sandwichesGreen Grocers modified their business model recently to help them  more effectively compete in the local grocery market. They are definitely worth a visit if high-quality, organic foods are important to you. Plus their staff is extremely helpful and friendly.


Accurate Signs has done some simple interior signs for them. To feature their Paninis we did some refrigerated case runners that were applied near the bottom of the refrigerated case. 
green grocers paninisCase runners are great options to communicate key features and benefits of the products and services that are most important to the success of your green grocers tacos soupsbusiness. We also did simple informational signs to let their customers know where to find featured producst like the tacos and soup sign.

Green Grocers uses effective fonts and colors which help to emphasize the company’s focus on local, organic foods.


The neighborhood around the Green Grocers has gone through a metamorphisis over the last decade. First, the surrounding houses have dramtically increased in value over the last 30 years. Because of this the entire length of Lower Greenville south of Mockingbird has seen many businesses that had been there for decades replaced with some new, trendy locations that cater to the higher income home owners. In some cases, the change is not good. But the Green Grocers has been a great addition to the avenue and, therefore, I hope they are their for decades to come.

Green Grocers Kombucha Home brew

Van Wraps for RSI and CES

RSI (Refrigerated Specialists Incorporated) has been a client of Accurate Signs since the 90s. As the story goes the owner of RSI dropped by the Accurate Signs office because he saw Frank’s bicycle. Both Frank, the founder of Accurate Signs, and Marvin, the founder of RSI, are cycling enthusiasts. That started a life long friendship that has included cycling, the Mesquite Rotary Club, van wraps, hockey games, and an occasional alcoholic refreshment.

Van Wraps

RSI Van wraps


Accurate Signs designed the wrap used by RSI vans. They knew the basic design that they wanted: ice across the bottom and their name across the back so we put together a design and refined it based on their feedback. Since then we have done dozens of wraps for RSI and their other company CES (Cooking Equipment Specialists).  In fact, both companies use photos of their wrapped vans on their company website.

A wrap is a great way to communicate the company message. It is especially effective if your company has one or more vehicles that are traveling around the city. It is a great advertising tool very much like a moving billboard. But it is also a great way to demonstrate professionalism to your existing customers. When a nicely wrapped vehicle arrives at their business it gives them confidence in your work.

There are many variations that you can consider. The RSI and CES vans are not full wraps but give the appearance of a full wrap because they have material laid across the entire van. You can do more or less depending on your taste and budget. We always provide a digital mockup of the vehicle before proceeding. This provides a visual representation of what the vehicle will look like before work is begun.

CES Van WrapsRSI and CES

RSI installs, and services commercial refrigeration machines. They also install medical grade refrigeration systems. CES provides installation and service for commercial hot side food service equipment.  The list of clients include some of the highest profile restaurants in the Dallas Fort Worth area. They include Panera Bread, ATT Stadium, Brinker International, El Chico, IHOP, and dozens of others. Both companies are certified by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA).


Williams Chicken

Typical Williams Chicken window clingWilliams Chicken has been a long time client of Accurate Signs. Frank Block, the founder of Accurate Signs, and Hiawatha Williams, the founder of Williams Chicken have had a very good business relationship built on mutual respect. Most recently we have provided window clings that promote seasonal specials, menu board updates, posters, a trade show booth throw, and a parade banner for the Williams Chicken company. The main company uses our services as well as several of the independent franchise owners.

Williams Chicken uses an eye-catching yellow font on red for their posters and window clings to promote their dinner and seasonal specials. They provide high visibility for their size which leaves plenty of window space to let the sun shine in.

Williams Chicken – More than a Business

Williams Chicken parade banner

“Dedicated to Serve, Grow, and Give Back to the Community.”

One of the reasons that Accurate Signs is so proud to help Williams Chicken is because Mr. Williams has always looked for ways to help others and support his community. His business allowed him to provide good food and employment throughout the city as well as the ability to mentor people in the organization. But his Samaritan efforts do not stop with the business. He has been a long-time mentor of at-risk youths, donated to the poor, and shared his philosophy at numerous colleges and self-help seminars for the benefit of all who attended.

Wear My Good Socks

Early this year Williams Chicken ordered a few hundred window clings for their stores and I delivered them to their home office. When I told Shana, the marketing person at the time, that I would be coming out to drop off the signs she responded, “I will be sure to wear my good socks.” I thought this was a very funny response. Now anytime I am going to a meeting and want to make a good impression I think of Shana’s phrase and remember to wear my good socks!

Located Throughout North Texas

There are over 40 Williams Chicken restaurants located from Tyler to Fort Worth and from Cedar Hill to Plano. The business has steadily grown since it was founded in 1987 and currently employs over 500 people.

Playtri – Triathlon Store

As they say on their website, “at Playtri we love triathlon and multisport, but our goal is to help you find a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.” With five locations located in the Dallas area and a new store planned for Fort Worth, Playtri has a strong presence in the area and a loyal following of customers who depend on their expertise as well as the products that they sell. But perhaps the best thing that Playtri provides to their customers is a group of dedicated coaches who will help you get the most out of your body regardless of your long term goal.

Premise sign at The Colony

Premise sign at The Colony

Accurate Signs is proud to supply Playtri with a wide variety of signs to help them promote their business. Here are a few of the projects we have done for them over the last year.

 Store Sign

We made the channel letter sign for the new store in the Colony. The individual letters are fabricated and then LED lights are added to the backs of each letter. At night this creates a very striking visual. The elegance of the Playtri logo works well with this design.

Directional sign to stores.

Directional sign to stores.

Promotional Signs

The company wanted to build interest in their stores and some of the services that they offer. For this reason we were asked to provide some 3’ by 2’ metal signs in frames to direct potential customers off of the busy streets in front of their stores to their front doors. Also, they wanted to feature some special promotions: 20% off a new pair of shoes if you donate your old shoes, a $35 special for a bicycle tune up, and a 50% off sale.

Shoe Sale Promotion

Shoe Sale Promotion

Event Signage

Periodically Playtri hosts events and need various signs to help participants and fans navigate the event’s course. Last year’s “America’s Triathlon” held in Los Colinas featured banner work done by Accurate Signs that identified the start and finish of the race. Athletes from throughout North, South, and Central America participated in this International event.

America's Triathlon Start

America’s Triathlon Start